Programmable WiCard for Electronic Engineers

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

Programmable WiCard for Electronic Engineers

WiCard WiFi Module 1

WiCard WiFi module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers

WiCard is a programmable Wi-Fi module which is very suitable controller module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers. This module works like a microcontroller while it doesn’t need a JTAG programmer to updating the user program (Only needs a JTAG programmer for programming the initial firmware during the production process).

This module is a good fit for IoT, because it is able to control most of the electrical and electronic devices.

WiCard connects to the user control panel or application via WiFi and also internet. This empowers the system designer to have wide range of features. Every registered WiCard programmable module has an account on the WiCard.Net servers. Also the user has access to the module ”control box” from the website panel, router and/or the module hot spot. Furthermore this module is able to send feedback data to the control box panel.

Programming language of this Wireless controller module is very easy to learn. So to using this WiFi module in your experiments and projects, you can use two 15 pin female headers (2.54) in your designed PCB or simply you can mount it on a bread board. Then plug it on a 3.3v source and design your control box in this website and then upload the program on your module.

This article will help you to make your own WiCard.

The datasheet:



High-performance, Low-power
Easy To Use and Programming
Programmable Via Server
128KBytes Program Memory
64KBytes Control Box Memory
4KBytes Shared Buffer
WiFi Connection 802.11 b/g/n
Hot Spot for configuration
Port forwarding access supported
Client-Server Based
Update-able Firmware
20 Line GPIO/Interrupt
19 PWM/Square Signal modulator
8 ADC Channel
Operating Voltage 3.3V (CMOS)


Future Features:

Parallel Port



Industrial Wireless Control
Controllable Devices
IOT Devices
Home Appliances
Home Automation
Security Systems
Smart Plug and lights
Mesh Network
Baby Monitors
IP Cameras
Infrared Remotes Controller
Sensor Networks


To downloading the latest revision of the Free Trial Firmware and latest plans, please refer to:


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