Electronic Engineering Tutorials

Electronics and Programming tutorials and projects

Electronic Engineering Tutorials

electronic WiCard WiFi Module 1

There are multiple useful tutorial posts about electronics and electronic engineering in my website.

Here are some of the tutorials:

Advantages and disadvantages of connecting resistors in series and parallel
Operational Amplifier IC (OP-AMP)
Transistor amplifier
Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
Capacitor applications in the circuit design
Circuit design and construction
Transistor and how to use it in the circuit
Capacitor and how to use it in the circuit
Diode and its types – diode usage in the circuit
Resistor and how to use it in the circuit (basic electronics)
Electronic Parts/Components
Basic concepts in electronics

Here are some useful posts:

ARM LPC1768 Operating System
ESP32-CAM Time Lapse Recorder
WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Program (ESP32 & ESP8266)
Nokia LCD (6125) setup and programming

Also here are the projects for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers:

***””Electronics, Programming and Arduino projects, including the source codes, schematics and PCB plans for engineers, student and hobbyists””***

You can find projects for ESP8266 and ESP32 wifi modules, avr and PIC microcontrollers etc in the above link. Most of the projects are free to download and optionally you can donate or buy the other projects easily.

And to order a customized firmware, arduino projects, electronics/programming projects, website design/programming projects and PCB/schematic design, please refer to Contact Us.


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