WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Program (ESP32 & ESP8266)

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WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Program (ESP32 & ESP8266)

wifi voice recorder esp8266 esp32

In the new revision of the ESP8266 (or NodeMCU) and ESP32 WiFi Microphone project (rev 2.0 WiFi Voice Recorder), I have added the voice recording feature.

The updated revision is available in the following link:

ESP8266/NodeMCU WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Source Code – Rev 2.0

ESP32 WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Source Code and Schematic – rev 2.0

Automatic Voice Recorder

You can either use a prepared SD/MMC memory card module (with resistors and the 3.3V regulator) or use a slot and add the resistors to your circuit.

In case you are using NodeMCU or ESP32 boards, it’s suggested to use a memory module with a 3.3V regulator and supply it with 5V (“Vin”), because it reduces the ESP module’s power supply noises and the ESP module’s internal regulator heat.

voice recorder esp8266 nodemcu sd mmc

For recording the voices automatically, insert a memory card, turn on the module and select the sensitivity (10db, 20db and 30db for the louder noises).

Then the device start to hearing the noises and as soon as hearing the load enough noised, it starts to recording it in a .wav file with the selected quality and record time.

When the recording is finished, the file will be available in the file manager.

voice recorder esp8266 esp32 nodemcu sd mmc file manager
  • You can record the audio and listen to the stream online at the same time, but in this situation, the quality may reduce.
  • Opening the file manager stops the recording.
  • The LED will blink during recording

The updated revision and the free demo are available in the following:


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