ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone

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ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone

esp32-cam time lapse

This article is about “WiFi ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone (SpyCam)” firmware project which has been made by Ai Thinker ESP32-Cam module, the circuit (or WaveShare Sound Sensor) and arduino source code (.ino) files.

The firmware includes a Web Application (WebApp), to access to this WebApp, there’s no need to internet connection or installing a software or application. All you need is a smart phone or computer which supports WiFi and a web browser (Chrome or Firefox).

The default WebApp address is, right after loading the page, it starts to cache the video and audio data for the online video and audio stream. Then by click on the “Play” button, it starts playing the online stream.

With Chain Network feature, which is based on the “ESP32 WebApp Builder” project, optionally you can join up to 4 devices, either ESP8266 WiFi Microphone/ESP32 WiFi Microphone or ESP32 IP Camera and ESP32 Camera Microphone to a local network and access to the devices via “Network” section of the Web Application.

With inserting a memory card into the MicroSD slot, you can enable the auto-recorder/record-trigger mode and record the audio and video.

ESP32-Cam camera microphone

Also it has a time-lapse feature which record the video frames during a longer time and capture cycles.

You can play or export .AVI file of the recorded videos in the file manager section of the WebApp.

ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone Firmware, PCB, Sch, BOM files

The project (esp32-cam Camera Microphone – SpyCam), the “Audio-less” revision (IP Camera) and also a package including ESP8266 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 IP Camera and ESP32 Camera Microphone are available in the following:

Revision History

– Online Audio stream added
– Compatibility of WiFi Microphone devices for the Network feature
– Audio detector added for the auto recorder
– Selectable online stream mode
– Bugs fixed

– Faster online stream
– Faster network stream
– Time lapse added
– File manager added
– AVI file export added
– Bugs fixed

– The capacity of network increased up to 4 streams
– The quality of network stream increased
– Page loading speed increased
– Buffer size increased
– Connection secured with upgrading the secure link feature
– Settings bug fixed
– Auto network channel and target selector added

– Network Stream feature added.
– Network memory access added.
– Online signal scope added.
– The quality of sound increased.
– .jp5 file added.
– Video player upgraded.
– Bugs fixed.

– The WebApp appearance (Web UI) changed
– The audio decoding and record added
– The audio decoder added to the WebApp
– SPI mode added
– Supports FAT32 and newer microSD cards
– Flash light during recording
– PIR input added
– SecretLink bug fixed
– The Re-Build of IP Camera firmware rev 1.1 for SpyCam project

– Motion Sensor
– Recoding videos
– Playing videos and images
– Camera configuration
– Server option
– Internal pages secure link
– Server script
– Shop MAC and IP in config page

– Video stream
– Saving the images
– LED toggle on/off
– Set module hotspot and modem’s ssid and password
– Automatically connection to the modem
– Config page
– Hidden hotspot button
– Disable hotspot button


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