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Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

electronics programming project

Doing Online Electronics (Digital, Analogue And WiFi) And Programming (Software, Web And App) Projects

We also do project for your company and/or your business. Our experienced and powerful design team at WiCardTech would like to help you to reach to your goals. We do project regarding circuit and PCB design, weather analogue or digital and computer, web and app programming online-ly. We’re specialize at the following fields: Electronics Digital…
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WiFi controllable robot 1 - WiCard

How To Make A WiFi Controllable Robot

In this article I want to show you how to make a WiFi controllable robot. For making this robot my target was using of everything that I have and I didn’t want to buy any more parts. So I’ve used some old parts and discarded stuff.

programmable wifi module for electronic engineers

WiCard for the IoT Manufacturers/Producers

Manufacturers And Producers Of IoT Devices And Applications If you are a manufacturer and producer of electronics devices, life‘s goods or even if you are manufacturers of an industrial device, you can make your products smart or more smarter with adding WiCard smart controller and WiFi module to your product. With this module, your customers…
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WiCard for Smart House/IOT Devices

The WiCard WiFi controller module is able to control any kind of electrical and electronics devices in a smart house over the internet and/or the user applications. Also this WiFi module is well designed for the IoT devices. So with using a WiCard compatible driver to your home applications, you can make your house smart.…
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WiCard WiFi Module 1

Programmable WiCard for Electronic Engineers

WiCard WiFi module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers WiCard is a programmable Wi-Fi module which is very suitable controller module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers. This module works like a microcontroller while it doesn’t need a JTAG programmer to updating the user program (Only needs a JTAG programmer for programming…
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