WiCard for Smart House/IOT Devices

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard for Smart House/IOT Devices


The WiCard WiFi controller module is able to control any kind of electrical and electronics devices in a smart house over the internet and/or the user applications. Also this WiFi module is well designed for the IoT devices. So with using a WiCard compatible driver to your home applications, you can make your house smart.

Also you can use it for your work place. So you’ll be able to control anything from anywhere with your control box panel.


SAHA, SmArt House Application

One of our designs for smart houses and IoT is SAHA. SAHA is a box including a WiCard compatible driver which has some digital and pulse width modulator outputs and analogue/digital inputs. with connecting the output lines to “Relays” and input lines to some “Sensors”, you’ll be able to make your house electrical devices smart and controllable.


Example Control Box

wicard smart house

The above control box is connected to a SAHA and The temperature sensor is connected directly to one of the analogue inputs. So the internal program of its WiCard is able to calculate the temperature. The air cooler turns on when the temperature is greater than 26. So that means you can define a program for your house devices.

WiCard and SAHA have support square signal modulator. that means you can connect your infrared remotes to your control box, such as TV remote and etc

With PWM channels you can dim your lights. The control box let you to change it from your phone, laptop and etc from every where. Because your module can connect to your internet WiFi modem. Also you can use port forwarding to connecting to your control box directly.


More information

If you want to make it, visit https://trial.wicard.net to downloading the latest revision of the WiCard WiFi Module free trial firmware, Plans and Schematics.

Also visit our Home page and Blog to finding more information.


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