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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

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Hire I am available for hire anywhere in the world. To contact me, please use my E-Mail address: My Information My name is M. Mahdi K. Kanan and I was born in 8/6/1993, I am the designer and creator of WiCard Programmable WiFi Module. I am a full-stack engineer and designed all aspects of…
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benefits of wicard wifi module

The Benefits Of Using WiCard

In this article I am going to write about the benefits of using WiCard. Also I am going to compare WiCard programmable WiFi controller module with the other programmable WiFi controller modules.

securing wicard wifi module

How Do I Know My WiCard Is Secure

To securing user accounts on our servers, we use SSL protocols which are more secure. That means our website address starts with “https” instead “http”. We are committed to protecting our customer’s privacy. Here are some tips to securing your WiCard programmable WiFi controller module.

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Produce WiCard With Your Own Brand

Would You Like to Produce WiCard WiFi Module With Your Own Brand? If your answer is Yes, of course we will support you till you produce WiCard in your product line with your commercial brand. You can produce WiCard as a WiFi module, or add it to your other products.   How we support and…
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