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wicard breadboard

Capacitor applications in the circuit design

In the previous articles, I introduced the capacitor and its calculations. This article is about some examples of capacitor applications and how to use it in the circuit design. Circuits[…]

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ir remote

Circuit design and construction

You must have realized what electronic circuit means during your life. In general, we can have this definition of an electronic circuit: A set of parts which their pins are[…]

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pwm amplifier

Transistor and how to use it in the circuit

A transistor is a three-pin electronic component which its main function is to pass the current from two pins according to the other pin (along with current amplification). Transistors have[…]

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Capacitor and how to use it in the circuit

In most of the books about the use of capacitors, it is written in such a way that the capacitor stores electric charge in itself and discharges it when necessary.[…]

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