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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

Cryptocurrency, How To Pay (Store.WiCard.Net)

If you are going to buy our projects from our on-line project store, but you’ve never had any “Cryptocurrency” (crypto) before, know that some of the cryptocurrencies have a static price (e.g. the same as $USD) like USDT(tether), USDC, BUSD etc. and some are like stock exchange with a dynamic price such as BTC(bitcoin), ETH(etherium),…
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esp wifi microphone

ESP WiFi Microphone

I recently have updated “ESP WiFi Microphone” project to rev 1.3 and now the revision 1.4 is available which is stronger and more stable than rev 1.3. This project is compatible with both of ESP8266 and ESP32 modules and you can simply upload it on NodeMCU, ESP32 DEVKIT and other similar boards. In the latest…
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ESP32 WiFi Microphone

The “DOIT ESP32 DEVKIT V1” module has multiple ACD pins which work in range of 0V to 3.3V with 12 bits resolution (0-4095). The pin that we have used for this project is GPIO33 (D33). In the “ESP32 WiFi Microphone” project, we have used this channel as the audio signal input. Here’s the project link:…
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wifi spy microphone project

WiFi Spy Microphone With ESP8266 and NodeMCU

I have updated WiFi Spy Microphone project and now the newer revision of this project is available in the following links: ESP8266 WiFi Spy Microphone Arduino Source Code (ESP12, NodeMcu…) – Rev 1.3 The free binary of the older revision: ESP8266 WiFi Microphone Pre-Compiled Binary File (ESP12, NodeMcu…) – Rev 1.2 When ever I updated…
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