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free arduino projects

Free Arduino Projects: WiFi Microphone, WiFi Camera…

From today we have decided to release the schematic plans, PCB plans and the source codes of most of our projects for free for a while. The following free arduino projects are available in our website: ESP8266 WiFi Microphone Free Arduino Project Source Code (ESP12, NodeMcu…) With this source code, an ESP8266 and a standard…
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infrared receiver

8 Channels Infrared Receiver (Code Learner) With Arduino UNO

The IR receivers typically work in 37 KHz frequency. The “8 Channels Infrared Receiver” project receives the IR signal via HS0038A2 (or similar modules), which the module filters the 37 KHz signal and sends the data in 1 Kbps speed to the ArduinoUNO board. The Project’s Download Link: Infrared Receiver Source Code For Arduino UNO…
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ota update 1

Over The Air Update

Introduction Of The Over The Air Update (OTA Update) This article discusses about how to update a microcontroller’s program/chip firmware over the air (OTA Update). With increasing the source code lines and the firmware/program size, probability of errors will increase. So the application of OTA update is usually in smart circuits with larger firmware size.…
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wicard breadboard

ESP8266 WiFi Module

ESP8266 is a WiFi module which is able to be programmed by Arduino IDE software. This module has an ESP8266EX chip and usually a 32 Megabit flash memory for uploading the firmware. This module has different types such as ESP12, NodeMCU etc. Also have designed a module with ESP8266 and ATmega8a a while ago for…
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wicard wifi module

Programmable WiCard WiFi Module

In the ESP8266 WiFi Module article, I introduced the ESP8266 module and a sample circuit with this module and ATmega8a which is called WiCard. The WiCard WiFi Module Description The WiCard WiFi module has two cores, one of the cores controls WiFi connections between the module and server/user application. Also this core parses the user program…
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esp webapp programmable wifi module

Programmable WiFi Module, ESP8266 and ESP32

ESP8266 and ESP32 are two kinds of programmable WiFi module which connects to the user control panel or application via Wi-Fi. So It allows users to have access to its features over the air and wirelessly. We have a lot of projects based on these two useful module. Programmable WiFi Module Firmware and Flash Programming…
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electronic WiCard WiFi Module 1

Electronic Engineering Tutorials

There are multiple useful tutorial posts about electronics and electronic engineering in my website. Here are some of the tutorials: Advantages and disadvantages of connecting resistors in series and parallelOperational Amplifier IC (OP-AMP)Transistor amplifierElectrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fieldsCapacitor applications in the circuit designCircuit design and constructionTransistor and how to use it in the circuitCapacitor and…
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