ARM LPC1768 Operating System

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ARM LPC1768 Operating System

arm lpc1768 sim908 gps gms gprs

About ten years ago, I’d like to start an operating system project for the sell phones like Android and Symbian. So I started to make a cell phone with ARM LPC1768 processor and SIM908 GPS/GSM/GPRS module.

After a little struggle I succeed and built my basic design, but due to the situation, I couldn’t take more time and investment on it anymore.

TXOS is the name of the operating systems that I designed for ARM Cortex M3 processor and LPC1768 IC.

The final edition of the PCB and the source codes (IAR files) is in the following link:

LPC1768 Cell Phone PCB and Firmware

ARM LPC1768 Cortex M3

This was the most power full microcontroller/processor that I could find in the local markets, which has a 100MHz CUP, 512KB flash, 32KB RAM and a lot of useful peripheral components such as USB.

The designed circuit is actually a “Development Board” and can be used for your experiments.

Features of this the TXOS (operating system based on ARM LPC1768):

Incoming voice calls
Outgoing voice calls
Touch screen
Micro SD memory card slot
Dialer application
SMS application
GPS locator and map application
Music player application
Ability to read memory cards
Ability to open different files of any size
The possibility of development
English and Farsi/Arabic keyboard
Low power consumption
Onboard “GSM antenna”

Here are some screenshots and Photos:

arm LPC1768 cell phone
arm LPC1768 operating system
arm LPC1768 software application
LPC1768 music player
SIM908 GPS map
sim908 arm lpc1768
sim908 call
LCD n96 touch screen
arm LPC1768 txos
sim908 sms
LPC1768 sim908 call
sms lpc1768
sms sim908 keypad
LPC1768 sms arabic persian
sim908 text message
arm LPC1768 sim908 development board pcb
pcb lpc1768 sim908 cell phone
LPC1768 PCB altium designer

The touchscreen is the resistor-type.

Like the other cell phone operating systems, by touching the menu button, you can select the applications.

If you select the GPS application, it will automatically locate your locations, but the default map file int the memory is limited, so you need to make a new map file according to your location.

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