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wicard arduino rgb

ESP8266 Music Player with RGB Driver (WiCard RGB Network Lights)

The “ESP8266 Arduino Music Player with RGB Driver” system (a.k.a WiCard RGB Light) is a circuit including an esp8266 core for handling the WiFi communications and data processing and an ATmega8a core to playing the audio data and driving the lights. The basic goal of this project was providing a music player and lighting system…
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spy camera esp32-cam

Spy Camera (Video, Audio & Network Stream) With ESP32-Cam

This project is an “ESP32 WiFi Camera Microphone (Spy Camera)” firmware arduino source code (.ino) with Chain Network feature which is based on the “ESP32 WebApp Builder” project. The “Chain Network” is a local network which the devices one by one are connected to the each other. The Spy Camera project uses the “AI Thinker…
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wicard android app

Android Application Builder for ESP8266 and ESP32

This project is a web IOS and Android application builder for ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi modules The projects are available in the following links: ESP32 WebApp Builder + Chain Network Feature (Arduino Source Code) – Rev 1.4 ESP8266 WebApp Builder + Chain Network Feature (Arduino Source Code) – Rev 1.4 You can use the web…
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