Wireless Microphone With ESP8266 and ESP32-Arduino

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Wireless Microphone With ESP8266 and ESP32-Arduino

wireless microphone

This article is about how Wireless Microphone works. This is a firmware project Arduino source code (.ino files) for ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi modules.

With this firmware, you can have online audio stream and optionally the modules will be able to record the audio automatically with noise detection algorithm.

You can build the project simply by connecting a WaveShare Sound sensor to an ESP8266 NodeMCU or an ESP32 Devkit.

wireless microphone

Wireless Microphone features

  • Online audio stream up to 240 kbps
  • Auto recorder
  • Web Application
  • Audio signal oscilloscope
  • Chain network feature
  • File manager

The projects and also a full package of ESP8266 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 IP Camera and ESP32 Camera Microphone are available in the following:

Revision History

– Compatibility of Camera devices for the Network feature
– Bugs fixed
– Network quality increased to 240kbps
– Online Audio stream added for the SpyCam devices in the network
– File manager upgraded
– VSPI added to ESP32 firmware

– Memory card reader added to the hardware
– Voice recorder added to the software
– File manager added to the WebApp

– The audio noises reduced
– The network audio quality increased to 64Kbps
– Page loading speed increased
– Buffer size increased
– Connection secured with upgrading the secure link feature
– Auto network channel and target selector added

– The Web Ui upgraded
– Bit-rate and the quality of audio stream increased (240Kbps)
– Network stream feature added
– Network monitor feature added

– Bit-rate increased up to 110Kbps
– SecureLink bug fixed

– Schematic improvement
– The Web UI has been changed
– increasing the quality of the recorded sound
– Increasing the bitrate up to 100kbps
– reducing the noises
– Bugs fixed

– Schematic improvement
– Secure link debug
– ADC input improvement
– Output file improvement
– Selectable stream quality
– Adjustable stream time
– Adjustable software amplitude

– 10:28 frame (increased)
– Audio stream recorder and player
– 8KHz sample rate (increased)
– 10 bits resolution (increased)
– Calibration page
– The stability and quality of audio stream increased
– Suggested test circuit updated
– Bugs fixed 1.0
– 3300 miliseconds frames
– LOUD button
– 7.5KHz sample rate
– 8 bits resolution
– Internal pages secure link
– Show MAC and IP in config page
– Set module hotspot and modem’s ssid and password
– Automatically connection to the modem
– Config page
– Hidden hotspot button
– Disable hotspot button


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