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wicard schematic

WiCard 1.3, Schematic And PCB

WiCard 1.3 has been designed for producing in a high quantity. More engineers have reviewed the schematic and PCB of this revision of WiCard. WiCard 1.3 uses more and smaller parts than WiCard 1.0. Therefore WiCard 1.3 is a neat module for the producers and manufacturers to produce. We have already published a complete article…
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wicard firmware

WiCard Free Trial Firmware

The WiCard Firmware WiCard firmware controls everything in the module, such as peripheral components, WiFi transactions, features, power consumption, process speed and etc. The firmware is update able over the air (OTA Update). furthermore it has a good potential for increasing the abilities and features of the module.   Free Trial Firmware We have provided…
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WiCard 1.0, PCB And Schematic

PCB and schematic of WiCard 1.0 is very simple to assemble with hand. All of the resistors and capacitors are 805 or 603-sized. So there’s enough space for mounting and assembling the parts without using advanced soldering tools.   The PCB: The PCB contains four 603-sized capacitors, one 805 sized capacitor, fourteen 603-sized resistors, an…
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wicard android app

Android Application Of WiCard (Open Source)

We have provided an open source android application for the WiCard programmable Wi-Fi Module. This application receives the control box from the WiCard module via its access point IP, its IP in the modem router and Port Forwarding. You can add your company name and logo into the application and make some changes in the…
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Tutorial Video 1, Toggling an LED with WiCard

This video introduces the WiCard WiFi controller module and will show you how simply you can turn an LED on/off with your cell phone: The Schematic of the circuit in the video: The simple circuit of above schematic and video, simply toggles an LED light from the WiCard internal page (, but you also can…
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wifi module

WiCard Programmable WiFi Module

Programmable WiFi Module – “WiCard” WiCard is a programmable WiFi module which connects to the user control panel or application via Wi-Fi. So It allows users to have access to its features over the air and wirelessly. WiCardTech group has designed the module as to not need a JTAG programmer after initial programming. Instead, WiCard modules…
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programmable wifi module for electronic engineers

WiCard for the IoT Manufacturers/Producers

Manufacturers And Producers Of IoT Devices And Applications If you are a manufacturer and producer of electronics devices, life‘s goods or even if you are manufacturers of an industrial device, you can make your products smart or more smarter with adding WiCard smart controller and WiFi module to your product. With this module, your customers…
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WiCard for Smart House/IOT Devices

The WiCard WiFi controller module is able to control any kind of electrical and electronics devices in a smart house over the internet and/or the user applications. Also this WiFi module is well designed for the IoT devices. So with using a WiCard compatible driver to your home applications, you can make your house smart.…
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WiCard WiFi Module 1

Programmable WiCard for Electronic Engineers

WiCard WiFi module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers WiCard is a programmable Wi-Fi module which is very suitable controller module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers. This module works like a microcontroller while it doesn’t need a JTAG programmer to updating the user program (Only needs a JTAG programmer for programming…
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wicard registration

WiCard Registration (+Tutorial Video)

The Registration Code And Registration of WiCard Free Trial Firmware The WiCard free trial firmware has the ability of to be registered by a RegistrationCode. You can insert your registration code in the information section of the internal page. It doesn’t matter that you have made your WiCard on a breadboard, or you have bought…
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