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WiCard Security System for Smart House

This is a package of 4 projects firmware for smart house to seeing and listening to what is happening. The package includes ESP8266 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 WiFi Microphone, ESP32-Cam IP Camera and ESP32-Cam SpyCam (Camera and Microphone). Also these projects have the chain network feature which lets the devices connect to each other and have…
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electronic WiCard WiFi Module 1

Electronic Engineering Tutorials

There are multiple useful tutorial posts about electronics and electronic engineering in my website. Here are some of the tutorials: Advantages and disadvantages of connecting resistors in series and parallelOperational Amplifier IC (OP-AMP)Transistor amplifierElectrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fieldsCapacitor applications in the circuit designCircuit design and constructionTransistor and how to use it in the circuitCapacitor and…
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