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auto irrigation

Automatic Irrigation Circuit with ATTiny13A (PCB, Schematic, BOM)

ATTiny13A is a low-cost and tiny AVR microcontroller with 1KB memory. The PCB file of auto irrigation system has been made by “Altium”, also there is a “PDF” and “DipTrace” revision of the schematic and PCB in the project files. Auto Irrigation system has a day counter for the time interval between the watering. The…
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3ds max peojeut 207

Peugeot 207 3ds Max Model

The Peugeot 207 3D model has been made by the “Autodesk 3ds Max” 3d modeling and animation software. Each of the side doors and windows of this car are movable (Open and close) separately with the “morpher” technique of the software. This project contains a material folder, the main 3ds Max file (P207C.max) and also…
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wifi microphone

ESP8266/ESP32 Arduino WiFi Microphone Source Code

The “Ai Thinker ESP12” module has an ACD pin which works in range of 0V to 3.3V with 10 bits resolution (0-1023). The pin is between RST and EN. In the “WiFi Microphone” project, we have used this channel as the audio signal input. This project is available as ESP8266 WiFi Microphone and ESP32 WiFi…
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colorclass script

ColorClass Webpage Coloring And Image Filter Script

With the ColorClass script, you will be able to set the text color, background color, text and background opacity, hover and image filters simply with adding some command in the class attribute. ColorClass is a javascript code for coloring the html elements such as “div”, “p”, “h1”, “h2” and etc. Also has image filters. This…
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wifi oscilloscope

ESP8266 and ESP32 Arduino WiFi Oscilloscope Source Code

The “Ai Thinker ESP12” module has an ACD pin which works in range of 0V to 3.3V with 10 bits resolution (0-1023). The pin is between RST and EN. This pin is the input of WiFi Oscilloscope. This project is available as ESP8266 WiFi Oscilloscope and ESP32 WiFi Oscilloscope. The source code contains 4 files:…
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esp32 cam cctv ip camera

Arduino ESP32-CAM CCTV, IP Camera Source Code

ESP32-CAM module contains a 2MP Camera, some I/O pins and one MicroSD slot to store the images and videos. With its tiny size and 240MHz CPU is able to provide a fair quality images. This project is a source code which lets you to handle the camera and use the module’s special features. You can…
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wifi autoconnect

WiFi Autoconnect with Arduino and ESP8266/ESP32

WiFi Autoconnect and Web application builder project contains Arduino ESP32 WiFi autoconnect and Arduino ESP12/ESP8266 WiFi autoconnect The source code contains 3 files: First open one of the files with Arduino program, then set the settings as the following image (Board, CPU Frequency And Flash Frequency) Then put the ESP32 module on the “download mode”…
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online store

WiCard.Net’s Projects

We have provided some useful electronics, software and app projects in our website: In the above link, there are tested projects which have been made by WiCardTech engineering group. Also browse between the projects category and look for the project that you want. Here’s some of the projects categories: Electronics— Microcontrollers— +++ AVR— +++…
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electronics programming project

Doing Online Electronics (Digital, Analogue And WiFi) And Programming (Software, Web And App) Projects

We also do project for your company and/or your business. Our experienced and powerful design team at WiCardTech would like to help you to reach to your goals. We do project regarding circuit and PCB design, weather analogue or digital and computer, web and app programming online-ly. We’re specialize at the following fields: Electronics Digital…
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WiFi controllable robot 1 - WiCard

How To Make A WiFi Controllable Robot

In this article I want to introduce This project is an “ESP32-Cam WiFi Controllable Robot” arduino project. For making this robot my target was using of everything that I had so I’ve used some old parts and discarded stuff.