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Admin Dashboard Web Template (Dialogue)

Admin Dashboard Web Template (Dialogue) – based on bootstrap

After long effort, the result of our team’s work turned out that is version 1.1 of template Dialogue (admin dashboard web template based on bootstrap)Know this template with its details. Because we’ve tried follow all the tips that we gained within five years of experience. This means that although a template can’t be perfect, but…
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alarm clock calendar

Alarm Clock, Calendar and Temperature Meter With AVR ATmega8A

ATmega8A is an AVR 8 bit microcontroller which has 28 pins. The “Alarm Clock And Calendar” project uses this microcontroller as its main processor and a standard 16×2 Character LCD without using any additional module. There’s a source code folder in this project which contains the CodeVision program files (C) and pre-compiled HEX file. To…
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wifi esp8266 microphone arduino

ESP8266 Microphone (WiFi) With Arduino – Updated

The “Ai Thinker ESP12” module (ESP8266MOD) has an ACD pin (works in range of 0V to 3.3V) with 10 bits resolution (0-1023). The pin is between RST and EN. In the WiFi ESP8266 Microphone project, we have used this channel as the audio signal input. The ESP8266 Microphone Audio Stream Page This page is in…
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ir remote

Programmable IR Remote With Code Learn (ATTiny13A), Source Code, PCB and Schematics Plans

This project is a “Programmable and Code Learn IR Remote (InfraRed) With ATTiny13A”. ATTiny13A is a low-cost AVR microcontroller with 8 pins (6 I/O) and 1KB memory.There are two folders in this project, “PCB-SCH-BOM” and CodeVision Source.Also In the source code folder there is a pre-compiled file in the “HEX” folder. To re-compile or check…
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wind turbine

Wind Turbine

The wind turbine that we are working on, has been made up of:1- Three Blades2- Blade Holder3- Pole4- Gearbox5- 3 Phase Brushless Generator6- Converter Circuit7- Switching and Inverter Circuit8- Output Transformer9- The Tail How the wind turbine works Wind’s kinetic energy causes the blades turn around the shaft of the gearbox. Then gearbox output shaft,…
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php online shop source code

PHP Online Shop (For Software and Digital Data) Source Code

This php online shop project has been made by PHP web programming language and is suitable for selling software and digital data, like images, videos, online arts and etc. Also this shop has an OTA feature and a simple and secure admin panel. Currently the payment method is PayPal.Me link (with manually approval). The customers…
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auto irrigation

Automatic Irrigation Circuit with ATTiny13A (PCB, Schematic, BOM)

ATTiny13A is a low-cost and tiny AVR microcontroller with 1KB memory. The PCB file of auto irrigation system has been made by “Altium”, also there is a “PDF” and “DipTrace” revision of the schematic and PCB in the project files. Link of the project in our online store: ATTiny13A Automatic Irrigation (Plants watering) Circuit, PCB…
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3ds max peojeut 207

Peugeot 207 3ds Max Model

The Peugeot 207 3D model has been made by the “Autodesk 3ds Max” 3d modeling and animation software. Each of the side doors and windows of this car are movable (Open and close) separately with the “morpher” technique of the software. This project contains a material folder, the main 3ds Max file (P207C.max) and also…
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wifi microphone

ESP8266/ESP12 Arduino WiFi Microphone Source Code

The “Ai Thinker ESP12” module has an ACD pin which works in range of 0V to 3.3V with 10 bits resolution (0-1023). The pin is between RST and EN. In the “WiFi Microphone” project, we have used this channel as the audio signal input. This project contains two folders ESP8266WiFiMicrophone (the WiFi Microphone source code)…
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colorclass script

ColorClass Webpage Coloring And Image Filter Script

With the ColorClass script, you will be able to set the text color, background color, text and background opacity, hover and image filters simply with adding some command in the class attribute. ColorClass is a javascript code for coloring the html elements such as “div”, “p”, “h1”, “h2” and etc. Also has image filters. This…
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