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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module


WiCard for Smart House/IOT Devices

The WiCard WiFi controller module is able to control any kind of electrical and electronics devices in a smart house over the internet and/or the user applications. Also this WiFi module is well designed for the IoT devices. So with using a WiCard compatible driver to your home applications, you can make your house smart.…
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WiCard WiFi Module 1

Programmable WiCard for Electronic Engineers

WiCard WiFi module for electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers WiCard is a programmable Wi-Fi module which is very suitable controller module for¬†electronic, robotics and mechanics engineers and programmers. This module works like a microcontroller while it doesn’t need a JTAG programmer to updating the user program (Only needs a JTAG programmer for programming…
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wicard registration

WiCard Registration (+Tutorial Video)

The Registration Code And Registration of WiCard Free Trial Firmware The WiCard free trial firmware has the ability of to be registered by a RegistrationCode. You can insert your registration code in the information section of the internal page. It doesn’t matter that you have made your WiCard on a breadboard, or you have bought…
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