IP Camera ESP32Cam Arduino Code

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IP Camera ESP32Cam Arduino Code

IP Camera ESP32Cam

The “IP Camera ESP32Cam” (or “SpyCam”) project is an Arduino firmware (.ino) for the “AI Thinker ESP32-CAM” module which has a 2MP Camera, 10 I/O pins, an on-chip LED and one MicroSD slot to store the images and videos. With its tiny sized camera and 240MHz CPU is able to provide a fair quality images and video frames and also a network online stream.

You can either use a “WaveShare Sound Sensor” (or similar) or the suggested circuit as the audio input for the SpyCam project which is able to record video and audio.

This project has three firmware:

SpyCam Project (Video&Audio Recorder) Source Code, PCB and Schematic Plans (ESP32-Cam) – Rev 2.0

Arduino ESP32-CAM CCTV, WiFi IP Camera Source Code – Rev 2.0

And the free demo, Arduino Source Code of Ai-Thinker ESP32-CAM CCTV, WiFi IP Camera Firmware – Rev 1.1

I have updated the “IP Camera ESP32Cam” and “SpyCam” projects and in the newest revision I have added the following features and fixes:

The capacity of network increased up to 4 streams

That means you can see the online stream of 4 ESP32Cams at the same time in the first ESP32’s web application.

IP Camera ESP32Cam web application

The quality of network online streams has been increased

In this revision I have increased the quality of the online streams.

IP Camera ESP32Cam streams

Page loading speed increased

I have added my own web server codes to this project too, so the page loading increased.

Connection secured with upgrading the secure link feature

When you set a secure link in the settings menu (For portforwarding and access from internet to your cameras), if anyone tries to access without the right link, nothing will load.

Auto network channel and target selector added

Adding the cameras to the network is easier in this revision.

If you already have bought this source code, now you can download the latest revision for free, if not, the projects and the free demo revision are available in the following:


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