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How to buy the projects

buy with crypto

Currently we accept only the cryptocurrencies as the payment, so if you are going to buy a project from our online store, and never used the Crypto, please check the “Cryptocurrency” page first.

There are two types of the projects in my website. Some are free and have a “Download” button, and the others have a “Buy” button. By pointing the mouse cursor on the project (or one tap on the project) the buttons will appear:

how to buy

Also you can directly click or tap on the “Buy” button in the project’s page:

buy in project details

Then the following form will appear:

buy cryptocurrency network

Now select the “Cryptocurrency and Network” that you can pay with, then the wallet address and QR code will appear.

You can pay the price (either in US dollar or in the crypto value unit) with the “Cryptocurrency” to our wallet address and note the transaction ID (TXID), which is almost a long code including numbers and characters.

NOTE 1: Pay your cryptocurrency to the right address!
NOTE 2: The received amount into our cryptocurrency wallet must be equal (or more for donation) with your purchase amount!

Then comeback to our website, click on the “Buy” button of the project, insert the transaction ID (TXID) and your e-mail address in the form.

By click on the “Submit” button (in case of inserting the code correctly), you will lead to the project’s download page.

Please note the order code in the download page for accessing to the page next time.

If you had any trouble during the purchase, please feel free to “Tell us“.

Before the payment and buy, please read the following notes:

– All of the products in our online store are the source codes, files and the other kind of digital data, we wont ship anything.

– Any kind of abuse and/or unauthorized release of the contents will be reported to the legal references.

– After the payment, come back to our website, click on the “Buy” button, insert the “Transaction ID” and your email address correctly. Then it will be proceed automatically by the API and you can download the files or it will manually proceed and you’ll receive the “Order Code” in your email address.

– Be sure that have noted the “Order Code” when you receive it, you can access to the download page anytime with inserting your “Order Code” to the “Orders” tab.

– All of the projects in our store are well tested and we are not responsible about the customer improper use of the project or removed projects.

– The download links are usable only for 3 attemps. Also you can keep your remained attemps for when we update the project.

– Eeach project has a “Support” link in the “Orders” section. We will try to help you to finding out how to use our projects. To order a customized revision of this project and also if you had any trouble/question for downloading, payment etc. tell us in “Contact Us” page.


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