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wicard arduino rgb

ESP8266 Music Player with RGB Driver (WiCard RGB Network Lights)

The “ESP8266 Arduino Music Player with RGB Driver” system (a.k.a WiCard RGB Light) is a circuit including an esp8266 core for handling the WiFi communications and data processing and an ATmega8a core to playing the audio data and driving the lights. The basic goal of this project was providing a music player and lighting system…
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spy camera esp32-cam

Spy Camera (Video, Audio & Network Stream) With ESP32-Cam

This project is an “ESP32 WiFi Camera Microphone (Spy Camera)” firmware arduino source code (.ino) with Chain Network feature which is based on the “ESP32 WebApp Builder” project. The “Chain Network” is a local network which the devices one by one are connected to the each other. The Spy Camera project uses the “AI Thinker…
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WiFi controllable robot 1 - WiCard

How To Make A WiFi Controllable Robot

In this article I want to introduce This project is an “ESP32-Cam WiFi Controllable Robot” arduino project. For making this robot my target was using of everything that I had so I’ve used some old parts and discarded stuff. WiCardWritten by: M. Mahdi K. Kanan – Full stack electronics and programming engineer and the founder…
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wicard breadboard

ESP8266 WiFi Module

ESP8266 is a WiFi module which is able to be programmed by Arduino IDE software. This module has an ESP8266EX chip and usually a 32 Megabit flash memory for uploading the firmware. This module has different types such as ESP12, NodeMCU etc. Also have designed a module with ESP8266 and ATmega8a a while ago for…
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wicard timer 1

WiCard Timer (+Tutorial Video)

WiCard 32 Bit Timer With help of my project, ESP8266 and ATmega8a (WiCard) module, you can build this timer project. There’s a 32 bit timer counter in WiCard WiFi module. The timer calls its handler function whenever its counter reaches to 0. The unit of the timer counter is micro second (uS). This feature in…
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wicard adc

WiCard ADC (+Tutorial Video)

With help of my project, ESP8266 and ATmega8a (WiCard) module, you can build this adc project. WiCard ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) There are 22 lines of the pins available for the user to program in WiCard WiFi module. 8 of these lines can be set as “Analogue to Digital Converter” (ADC) input. PIN Port…
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wicard pwm slider

PWM Amplifier

This project is a PWM amplifier suitable for the arduino boards. In the project files, there’s its schematic plan and its PCB plan. also there’s a manual file which helps you to build and use the project. You can use this amplifier project as the RGB Driver project amplifier. PWM Amplifier Circuit Specifications The amplifier…
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wicard wifi module

Programmable WiCard WiFi Module

In the ESP8266 WiFi Module article, I introduced the ESP8266 module and a sample circuit with this module and ATmega8a which is called WiCard. The WiCard WiFi Module Description The WiCard WiFi module has two cores, one of the cores controls WiFi connections between the module and server/user application. Also this core parses the user program…
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esp webapp programmable wifi module

Programmable WiFi Module, ESP8266 and ESP32

ESP8266 and ESP32 are two kinds of programmable WiFi module which connects to the user control panel or application via Wi-Fi. So It allows users to have access to its features over the air and wirelessly. We have a lot of projects based on these two useful module. Programmable WiFi Module Firmware and Flash Programming…
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