How To Make A WiFi Controllable Robot

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How To Make A WiFi Controllable Robot

WiFi controllable robot 1 - WiCard

In this article I want to introduce This project is an “ESP32-Cam WiFi Controllable Robot” arduino project.

For making this robot my target was using of everything that I had so I’ve used some old parts and discarded stuff.

The First Step, Finding suitable parts

I had two old brushed DC motors with gearbox. I opened their cases and cleaned out their rotors and brushes to get more power from those old motors.

WiFi controllable robot 6 - WiCard

I’ve also used the wheels of a toy car.

wifi robot esp32-cam wheel

You can use a “caster wheel” as the front wheel (or the rear middle wheel).

The most important part is the ESP32-Cam and ATMega8a as the driver controller.

The other thing that I needed was a “MOSFET” driver board which I already made for a smart house device a long time ago.

Also some “relays”, a voltage regulator and cables.

The Schematics Of WiFi Controllable Robot

Here’s the schematic plan of the circuit of what I’ve made:

schematics of robot - WiCard

The schematics is so simple because of using ESP32-Cam as its controller. There are four MOSFETs which are driving by the ATmega8a. Also there are four relays, one for the left motor, one for the right motor and two for reversing the battery polarities.

The Robot

This is what I have made:

wifi controllable robot esp32-cam avr atmega8a

The Control Box

The next step is uploading the arduino firmware.

web application

The video of WiFi controllable robot

This short video shows how it works:

In case of inserting memory card, by tap or click on the “RECORD” button, it starts recording video (the button’s name will change to “STOP”).

By tap or click on the “STOP” button, the recording will stop.

  • The on-chip red LED of ESP32-Cam will turn on during video recording.

Capture button takes a photo and saves it in the memory card.

Light button turns the ESP32-Cam’s on chip power LED on or off.

Also there’s a camera vision (on-line stream) in the left side. By tap or click on it, the stream video will enlarge and the quality will increase.

The WiFi Controllable Robot project firmware is available in the following


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