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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard.Net’s Online Store

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We have provided some useful electronics, software and app projects in our online store: https://store.wicard.net

In our shop, there are tested projects which have been made by WiCardTech engineering group.

Also browse between the projects category and look for the project that you want.

Here’s some of the projects categories:

— Microcontrollers
— +++ AVR
— +++ PIC
— +++ ARM
— Arduino
— +++ ESP32
— +++ ESP8266/ESP12

— Graphis
— +++ 3dsMax
— Programming
— +++ C/C++
— +++ VB
— Web
— +++ PHP
— +++ Javascript
— +++ Java

— Apps
— +++ Java Android
— Games
— +++ Unity

All of the projects in our store have online support. You can use the support link at the orders section or directly contact us.

Our Online Store Terms Of Use

  • Any kind of abuse and/or unauthorized release of the contents will be reported to the legal references.
  • Before the payment, be sure that have noted the “Order Code”, and after the payment note the “PayPal Transaction ID” other wise we wont be responsible about your shopping, payment transactions and etc.
  • Do not change the payment price, otherwise we wont be responsible about your shopping, payment transactions and etc.
  • Insert your name and e-mail correctly.
  • Only with having both of the “Order Code” and the “PayPal Transaction ID” you can receive the download link.
  • It may takes about 1 or 2 working days until we import the PayPal Transaction IDs in our database, so after that you can come back to our website and insert your “Order Code” and “PayPal Transaction ID” on the “Orders” section of our website.
  • Before the payment, also you can ask your questions, with “Contact Us” link.
  • Every project has a “Support” link in the “Orders” section. We will help you to finding out how to use our projects.
  • We are not responsible about the project which we have been removed form our shop.
  • All of the projects in our store are well tested and therefore we are not responsible about improper use of our projects.
  • The download links are usable only for 3 attemps. Also you can keep your remained attemps for when if we updated the project.

Also to order a private project, please contact us


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