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led resistor calculation

LED Resistor Calculation

This article is about how to calculate LED resistor. The working voltage of most of the LEDs/Power LEDs is between 2-4 volts. Sometimes our power source may supply a higher voltage (e.g. 5V), so if we try to turn on the LED with higher voltage, the LED burns. The LEDs are making with different specifications,…
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WiFi controllable robot 4 - WiCard 并联和串联电阻器

Advantages and disadvantages of connecting resistors in series and parallel

Based on experience, in standard circuit design, I do not recommend to connect resistors in parallel or series. However, sometimes due to reasons such as the need for high consumption power, we may need to use series and parallel resistors. This article was requested by one of the visitors. ***””Electronics, Programming and Arduino projects, including…
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ir remote

Circuit design and construction

You must have realized what electronic circuit means during your life. In general, we can have this definition of an electronic circuit: A set of parts which their pins are connected in a special way with a conductive material (such as copper) to each other and they are supposed to make changes to the incoming…
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pwm amplifier

Transistor and how to use it in the circuit

A transistor is a three-pin electronic component which its main function is to pass the current from two pins according to the other pin (along with current amplification). Transistors have different types, but we are going to examine the bipolar type here. The two pins which the current passes are called the emitter (E) and…
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Capacitor and how to use it in the circuit

In most of the books about the use of capacitors, it is written in such a way that the capacitor stores electric charge in itself and discharges it when necessary. What we need to know is when should the capacitors be charged and when should they be discharged and how is this possible? Therefore, first…
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Diode and its types – diode usage in the circuit

Diode is another electronic component that has two pins. These two pins (bases/legs) are called cathode (negative) and anode (positive). The cathode pin is usually shorter or closer to the white (or black) ring on the body of the diode. The diode is shown on the schematics map with the D letter, and its applications…
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wicard programmable wifi module 1

Resistor and how to use it in the circuit (basic electronics)

Resistor prevents additional voltage or current from entering the part in the circuit. The maximum allowed voltage or current of each part may be different from another part, if it exceeds, It will cause the overheat and the material of that part combines with oxygen and in the other words, the part burns. The resistor…
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electronics programming project

Electronics – Basic concepts in electronics

We know that all materials are made up of a large number of atoms and the atom itself is made up of electrons, neutrons, protons and the fundamental particles. The science of electronics is created from the displacement of several electrons among the atoms of matter. The important work of this science is to express…
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