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esp8266 esp32 microphone camera

ESP8266 ESP32 Microphone Camera Package

The ESP8266, ESP32 Microphone Camera Package includes ESP8266 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 WiFi Microphone, ESP32 IP Camera and ESP32 Camera Microphone projects firmware, Arduino .ino files, Schematics and PCB files. ESP8266, ESP32 Microphone Camera This package is called “WiCard Security System” which includes the following project source codes and manual files: You can either use the…
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esp32-cam time lapse

ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone

This article is about “WiFi ESP32-Cam Camera Microphone (SpyCam)” firmware project which has been made by Ai Thinker ESP32-Cam module, the circuit (or WaveShare Sound Sensor) and arduino source code (.ino) files. The firmware includes a Web Application (WebApp), to access to this WebApp, there’s no need to internet connection or installing a software or…
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wireless microphone

Wireless Microphone With ESP8266 and ESP32-Arduino

This article is about how Wireless Microphone works. This is a firmware project Arduino source code (.ino files) for ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi modules. With this firmware, you can have online audio stream and optionally the modules will be able to record the audio automatically with noise detection algorithm. You can build the project simply…
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wicard programmable wifi module 5

Prices of Electronics and Programming projects

You can get the general releases of the projects for free or at low prices through the link below, or inquire a customized project (either one of the general programming/electronics/arduino project or a new project) through our contact form. https://wicard.net/projects Basic prices for inquiring a standard PCB design with schematics: The basic price of designing…
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esp32-cam avi video file export

ESP32-CAM AVI Video Output File

With this arduino source code, you can record a video and time lapse and export the recorded videos as an .avi file. ESP32-cam AVI video exporter has been added to the “IP Camera” and “Camera Microphone” new firmware revision. In the following short video, I have showed the time lapse and .avi file export features,…
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arm lpc1768 sim908 gps gms gprs

ARM LPC1768 Operating System

About ten years ago, I’d like to start an operating system project for the sell phones like Android and Symbian. So I started to make a cell phone with ARM LPC1768 processor and SIM908 GPS/GSM/GPRS module. After a little struggle I succeed and built my basic design, but due to the situation, I couldn’t take…
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pwm amplifier

Transistor amplifier

In general, a transistor amplifier is a circuit for amplifying an analog signal or a digital data carrier signal. For example, the output audio signal of a microphone is very weak and the audio oscillation is in a very low voltage range. With a transistor audio amplifier, its output can be increased to the standard…
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Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields

This article first deals with simple definitions related to electric and magnetic fields, then enters the subject of the combination of these two fields, which is called electromagnetism and electromagnetic field. This article is a continuation of the basic electronics article. ***””Electronics, Programming and Arduino projects, including the source codes, schematics and PCB plans for…
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esp32-cam time lapse

ESP32-CAM Time Lapse Recorder

I have updated the “IP Camera” and “Camera Microphone” firmware to the new revision with two new features, esp32-cam time lapse and AVI file export: 1. Time Lapse: this feature lets you to use your esp32-cam module as a time lapse recorder and saves the video in the memory card. 2. AVI Export: with this…
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wicard arduino rgb

ESP8266 Music Player with RGB Driver (WiCard RGB Network Lights)

The “ESP8266 Arduino Music Player with RGB Driver” system (a.k.a WiCard RGB Light) is a circuit including an esp8266 core for handling the WiFi communications and data processing and an ATmega8a core to playing the audio data and driving the lights. The basic goal of this project was providing a music player and lighting system…
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