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fat16 protocol FAT 协议

FAT protocol (drive format)

This article provides an overview of a storage hardware protocols. FAT16 or FAT protocol can format memories up to two gigabytes. FAT protocol In the FAT protocol, data is categorized only, and by reading the beginning of the hard disk, you can know the address of the data. The starting location of a drive which…
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wifi voice recorder esp8266 esp32

WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Program (ESP32 & ESP8266)

In the new revision of the ESP8266 (or NodeMCU) and ESP32 WiFi Microphone project (rev 2.0 WiFi Voice Recorder), I have added the voice recording feature. The updated revision is available in the following link: ESP8266/NodeMCU WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Source Code – Rev 2.0 ESP32 WiFi Voice Recorder Arduino Source Code and Schematic –…
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