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esp32-cam avi video file export

ESP32-CAM AVI Video Output File

With this arduino source code, you can record a video and time lapse and export the recorded videos as an .avi file. ESP32-cam AVI video exporter has been added to the “IP Camera” and “Camera Microphone” new firmware revision. In the following short video, I have showed the time lapse and .avi file export features,…
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esp32 cam cctv ip camera

Arduino ESP32-CAM CCTV, IP Camera Source Code

ESP32-CAM module contains a 2MP Camera, some I/O pins and one MicroSD slot to store the images and videos. With its tiny size and 240MHz CPU is able to provide a fair quality images. This project is a source code which lets you to handle the camera and use the module’s special features. You can…
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wifi autoconnect

WiFi Autoconnect with Arduino and ESP8266/ESP32

WiFi Autoconnect and Web application builder project contains Arduino ESP32 WiFi autoconnect and Arduino ESP12/ESP8266 WiFi autoconnect The source code contains 3 files: First open one of the files with Arduino program, then set the settings as the following image (Board, CPU Frequency And Flash Frequency) Then put the ESP32 module on the “download mode”…
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