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Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

battery charger circuit

Battery Charger Circuit (1.5-24V) With ATmaga8A – Code and Plans

The main processor of the “1.2-24V Battery Charger Circuit” is ATmega8A. ATmega8A is an AVR 8 bit microcontroller which has 28 pins. This circuit has an internal volt-meter and temperature-meter with digitally calibration feature. The project contains 3 folders, “CodeVision Source”, “PCB-SCH-BOM” and “sim”. The project’s link in our online store: The Source Code, Schematics…
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electronics programming project

Doing Online Electronics (Digital, Analogue And WiFi) And Programming (Software, Web And App) Projects

We also do project for your company and/or your business. Our experienced and powerful design team at WiCardTech would like to help you to reach to your goals. We do project regarding circuit and PCB design, weather analogue or digital and computer, web and app programming online-ly. We’re specialize at the following fields: Electronics Digital…
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