ESP8266 Audio Recorder

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ESP8266 Audio Recorder

nodemcu esp32 esp8266 audio recorder

ESP8266 has an ADC input which is a 10 bit analog to digital converter and this pin is the audio signal input for the “ESP8266 Audio Recorder” project.

This project is an arduino (c-language) source code, which is a firmware for the ESP8266 module and records the audio data by reading the ADC pin’s value, encodes the data and sends it to the web browser via the firmware’s Web Application.

The web browser saves the data and the user can play or download the recorded audio.

esp8266 audio recorder web application

The audio signal must be between 0-3.3v for ESP32 and NodeMCU modules and must be between 0-1v for directly connecting to the ESP8266 modules.

The best compatible audio amplifier is LM386. The “WaveShare Sound Sensor” is using this op-amp and also you can use the suggested schematics in the manual file of the project.

esp8266 audio recorder schematics

ESP8266 Audio Recorder Source Code

I’ve released a free demo revision of this project in the following link:

ESP8266 and NodeMCU WiFi Microphone Free Arduino Source Code – Rev 1.2 (DEMO)

Also you can buy and download the latest revision which has a lot of interesting features in the following links:

ESP8266/NodeMCU Network WiFi Spy Microphone Arduino Source Code – Rev 1.6

ESP32 Network WiFi Microphone Arduino Source Code and Schematic – rev 1.6

The price of each copy of the project currently is $5, though the real worth of a project like “ESP8266 Audio Recorder” is a lot a lot more than that.

I’m going to add a sd/mmc support and file-manager to this project, but to be honest, the support has been less than what I expected so far. It’s nice to simply downloading cheap or free contents, firmware, software etc. but in the other side, it is possible as long as the author/creator is supported by a huge numbers of people.

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