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ESP WiFi Microphone

esp wifi microphone

I recently have updated “ESP WiFi Microphone” project to rev 1.3 and now the revision 1.4 is available which is stronger and more stable than rev 1.3.

This project is compatible with both of ESP8266 and ESP32 modules and you can simply upload it on NodeMCU, ESP32 DEVKIT and other similar boards.

In the latest revision I have increased the audio bit-rate of ESP32 up to 192Kbps and ESP8266 up to 110Kbps.

ESP32 works in 16KHz sample rate with 12 bit resolution and ESP8266 works in 11KHz/10bit.

Also there was a bug in secure link and I have fixed this bug too.

Here are the links for “ESP WiFi Microphone” project rev 1.4:

Here’s the project link:

ESP32 WiFi Microphone Arduino source code+schematic – rev 2.0

ESP8266/NodeMCU WiFi Microphone Arduino source code+schematic – rev 2.0

And a free source code of older revision for ESP8266

ESP8266 WiFi Microphone Pre-Compiled Binary File (ESP12, NodeMcu…) – Rev 1.2

You can upload the binary files with esp download tool. The WebApp is available at or the router’s DHCP address. Either you can connect directly to the module’s hotspot SSID or connect to the modem in case your module is connected to the modem.

Also you can either use the “WaveShare Sound Sensor” or the suggested circuit (which is based on LM386, capacitors, resistors and a “Electret Microphone”) in the manual file, as the audio input circuit.

You can check to audio signal in the Oscilloscope page of the WebApp.

esp32 wifi microphone audio stream

The best shape of audio signal is a horizontal line when its silent and tip of the waves must be sharp or circular when there’s some voices or noises in the environment. You can set the best signal shape with turning the potentiometer of the audio input circuit.

The projects are available in the following:


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