WiCard Free Trial Firmware

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard Free Trial Firmware

wicard firmware

The WiCard Firmware

WiCard firmware controls everything in the module, such as peripheral components, WiFi transactions, features, power consumption, process speed and etc. The firmware is update able over the air (OTA Update). furthermore it has a good potential for increasing the abilities and features of the module.


Free Trial Firmware

We have provided a free trial firmware for those who would like to test the WiCard’s feature before paying for it. The trial revision has almost all of the captured original features, unless everything regarding the “client-server” communication. Also it is upgrade able over the air (OTA), but you have to update it manually by click on the “Check for updates” in the WiCard’s internal page.

The trial firmware has not any kind of registered information on our servers. therefore it doesn’t connect to the WiCard.Net server unless for checking the latest available updates.

To downloading the free trial firmware, please go to https://trial.wicard.net .

The Current WiCard Trial Firmware Features:

  • GPIO
    • All of the 20 lines general purpose inputs outputs are available.
  • PC Int (Digital Input Interrupts)
    • All of the 20 lines digital inputs interrupts are available.
  • ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter)
    • 8 Analogue to Digital Converter channels are available
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)
    • 19 Pulse Width Modulator channels are available.
  • SSM (Square Signal Modulator)
    • 19 Square Signal Modulator channels are available (Only one channel can be active).
  • Timer
    • One timer is available.
  • WiFi Hot Spot (Access Point)
    • Connecting directly to the module via WiFi
  • Internal Page
    • And Module IP in Router.
  • Port Forwarding Connection
    • Port 80 is available for Port Forwarding.
  • Over The Air Update
    • Checks for the update by pushing “Checking for updates” button in the internal page



  • IoT Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Smart Plug and lights
  • Industrial Wireless Control
  • Central Infrared Remotes Controllers
  • Controllable Devices
  • Sensor Networks


To fining out more information and another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please visit our home page and blog.


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