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Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

esp spy microphone

ESP Spy Microphone

Here is another update for the “ESP Spy Microphone” project which is ESP8266/NodeMCU and ESP32 WiFi microphone arduino source code, revision 1.5. In this update I have increased the audio stream recorder sample rate to 240KHz for both of ESP8266 and ESP32 firmwares. Also the new feature is the “Chain Network” which is a local…
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wicard schematic

WiCard 1.3, Schematic And PCB

WiCard 1.3 has been designed for producing in a high quantity. More engineers have reviewed the schematic and PCB of this revision of WiCard. WiCard 1.3 uses more and smaller parts than WiCard 1.0. Therefore WiCard 1.3 is a neat module for the producers and manufacturers to produce. We have already published a complete article…
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WiCard 1.0, PCB And Schematic

PCB and schematic of WiCard 1.0 is very simple to assemble with hand. All of the resistors and capacitors are 805 or 603-sized. So there’s enough space for mounting and assembling the parts without using advanced soldering tools.   The PCB: The PCB contains four 603-sized capacitors, one 805 sized capacitor, fourteen 603-sized resistors, an…
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wifi module

WiCard Programmable WiFi Module

Programmable WiFi Module – “WiCard” WiCard is a programmable WiFi module which connects to the user control panel or application via Wi-Fi. So It allows users to have access to its features over the air and wirelessly. WiCardTech group has designed the module as to not need a JTAG programmer after initial programming. Instead, WiCard modules…
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