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pwm amplifier

PWM Amplifier With 3 Channels – Active LOW Input and Outputs

This PWM Amplifier has 3 sensitive inputs and 3 outputs with 5A max drain capacity for each channel. The active state for input and output is “Low” or 0 Volt (Ground) and is suitable for 10 KHz square signal max with 0-100 percent duty cycle and 5-12 volt. Free download link: 3 Channels PWM Circuit,…
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PWM Amplifier

This project is a PWM amplifier suitable for the arduino boards. In the project files, there’s its schematic plan and its PCB plan. also there’s a manual file which helps you to build and use the project. You can use this amplifier project as the RGB Driver project amplifier. PWM Amplifier Circuit Specifications The amplifier…
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