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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

esp8266 esp32 wifi ecg monitor

WiFi ECG Monitor With ESP32/ESP8266 and MAX30100

This project is an ESP32 and ESP8266 WiFi ECG Monitor and “Pulse Oximeter” firmware with Chain Network feature. The “Chain Network” is a local network which the devices one by one are connected to the each other. This project is based on the “ESP32 WebApp Builder” and “ESP8266 WebApp Builder” projects which are the base…
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wifi ecg oximeter

WiFi ECG Monitor (Oximerer and Heart-Rate Diagram) with ESP8266

WiFi ECG Monitor calculate and shows the blood’s oxygen saturation and the heartbeat-rate with the diagram.“ESP8266” is a programmable WiFi module which is the main processor of the project and communicates with the oximeter module via I2C and the user interface via WiFi. “MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter” is a module with two RED and Infrared LEDs…
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