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esp8266 esp32 wifi ecg monitor

WiFi ECG Monitor With ESP32/ESP8266 and MAX30100

This project is an ESP32 and ESP8266 WiFi ECG Monitor (Electro Cardio Gram) and “Pulse Oximeter” firmware with Chain Network feature. The “Chain Network” is a local network which the devices one by one are connected to the each other. This project is based on the “ESP32 WebApp Builder” and “ESP8266 WebApp Builder” projects which…
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max30100 pulse oximeter

MAX30100 Pulse Oximetere With Arduino UNO and Keypad LCD Shield

MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter is a module which can help to calculate oxygen saturation percent in the human’s blood with two RED and Infrared LEDs.The output data form MAX30100 is so many samples in a second which contains LEDs reflection ADC value. This project (Oximeter with MAX30100, Arduino UNO and LCD Shield) contains a folder UNOPulseOximeter…
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