WiCard 1.3, Schematic And PCB

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard 1.3, Schematic And PCB

wicard schematic

WiCard 1.3 has been designed for producing in a high quantity. More engineers have reviewed the schematic and PCB of this revision of WiCard. WiCard 1.3 uses more and smaller parts than WiCard 1.0. Therefore WiCard 1.3 is a neat module for the producers and manufacturers to produce.

We have already published a complete article about making and initial programming of WiCard 1.3 on our website (WiCard Programmable WiFi Module) Here’s a brief article about it.

The Schematic:

wicard schematic

The Schematic of WiCard 1.3 is a bit different, There are some more decoupling capacitors. So the chips power supply line will be more stable. Also we have added a “ferrite bead” to reduce voltage noises for the antenna power supply. In this revision some values of the parts are a bit different.

The test points (TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4) are using for initial programming of the firmware on the ESP8266EX and ATMega8A. So these test points should have a suitable through hole pad on the PCB.


The PCB:

wicard pcb

This PCB uses smaller parts, all of the resistors are 402-sized and all of the capacitors are 402-sized (except one 603-sized), Also there’s a “Ferrite Bead” which is 603-sized.

C7, C8, C9 and C10 may make some trouble with the AVR high voltage (parallel) programmer timings. Therefore, to avoiding the timing issues of your programmer, assemble the decoupling capacitors of U1 (ATMega8A) after initial programming of the module.


The Firmware:

This PCB is compatible with all of the revisions of WiCard 1.x.x free trial and/or original firmware. To downloading the latest revision of the free trial firmware, please refer to this page: https://trial.wicard.net

If you have already uploaded the trial firmware and want to upgrade it to a paid revision, please refer to this page: Buy Registration Code


The Download Link:

Here is the download link of the Schematic and PCB of WiCard 1.3: Download


To fining out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and blog.


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