WiCard 1.0, PCB And Schematic

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard 1.0, PCB And Schematic

PCB and schematic of WiCard 1.0 is very simple to assemble with hand. All of the resistors and capacitors are 805 or 603-sized. So there’s enough space for mounting and assembling the parts without using advanced soldering tools.


The PCB:


The PCB contains four 603-sized capacitors, one 805 sized capacitor, fourteen 603-sized resistors, an etched on board antenna, one 32Mbit flash, one ATMega8A, one ESP8266EX, one 26MHz crystal(2025-sized) and two 1×15 pin headers.

The on board antenna is called MIFA and has been designed for 2.4 GHz WiFi signals. Besides that, you can see the MIFA Antenna in the most of the wireless modules which working in 2.4GHz frequency. All of the recommended values for the resistors and capacitors has been already tested. Therefore If you use exactly the recommended parts and dimensions, that will work properly. The PCB should be two sided and tin or gold plated.

To programming the module, use those four “through hole pads”/”test points” around of the right QFN chip (U3-ESP8266EX). For more information about programming the WiCard, please refer to this article.


The Schematic:

wicard schematic

The schematic shows that the port pins are connecting to the main ICs directly. So be careful about the voltage level during using the module. The input/output voltage is based on CMOS voltage level. The power supply must be only 3.3 V. So the input voltage can’t be more than 3.3 V as the High level and less than 0 V as the Low level. The two main chips (ATMega8A and ESP8266EX) use UART line as their communication port.

The Pin A01 is U1’s power pin and B15 is U2’s and U3’s power pin. So the ICs are using two different lines as the power source. Because it makes the module easier to initial firmware programming. Therefore it’s necessary to connecting the 3.3V power supply to both of those pins. Besides that, it’s better to connect both of the GND lines (A02 and B14) to the ground of the power source.


The Firmware:

This PCB is compatible with all of the revisions of WiCard 1.x.x free trial or original Firmware. To downloading the latest revision of the free trial firmware, please refer to this page: https://trial.wicard.net

If you have already uploaded the trial firmware and want to upgrade it to a paid revision, please refer to this page: Buy Registration Code


The Download Link:

Here is the download link of the Schematic and PCB of WiCard 1.0: Download


To fining out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and blog.



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