WiCard Configuration And Settings (+Tutorial Video)

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard Configuration And Settings (+Tutorial Video)

WiCard Configuration, Settings and Internal Page

Every WiCard has an internal page for settings, program and configuring the module. The default page address is In this article we talked about how to configure your WiCard module. Also watch the tutorial video.


First Configuration

To turning the WiCard on, plug both VCCs (A1,B15) to 3.3V and both GNDs (A2,B14) to 0V.

wicard settings 2

Power source must be stable. Also the power source must be able to drain at least 500mA at 3.3V. A few seconds after plugging the module to the power source, Net Connection LED (B1) will turn on. Then “WiCard SSID” will be visible. The default password to connecting to the WiCard access point is “0123456789”. The SSID starts with “WIC1”. Furthermore the SSID for trial firmware is “WiCard10_Trial”.

After connecting to the WiCard access point (With a phone, laptop or any other devices which supports WiFi and web browsers), to configuring WiCard module there is a settings section in the internal page (the address is “”).

wicard settings 3

WiFi Router Settings

WiFi Router Settings is for setting a router SSID and Password to connecting the module to the internet. Furthermore the “Router IP” is the IP that the WiFi router gives to the WiCard module. Also all of the devices which are connected to the router can have access to the WiCard, with its IP.

wicard settings wifi router ip

WiFi Router Options

With toggling “Password For Router And Port Forwarding Connections” on, inserting the module “Access Point” password is necessary at the end of the router IP address of WiCard and also the router internet IP. For example if the IP that the router has given to the WiCard is “” for accessing to the WiCard from router, the correct IP address will be “”.

wicard settings wifi router

Internet data usage: sets the times that the WiCard will connect to the server to updating its data.

Port forward packet size: set the packet sizes that the internet provider supports.


WiCard WiFi Access Point Settings

With toggling “Hidden AP” on, the module SSID will be hidden at the next startup.

Also to changing the default WiCard access point password, use “Change The WiCard WiFi AP Password”.

wicard settings password

Tutorial Video

This video shows how to connect to WiCard via its access point and module IP in the WiFi router.


System Configuration Reset

Reset modes in WiCard WiFi module:

  • Hard Reset, Reset to the factory defaults
  • Soft Reset, Rest to the factory defaults
  • Soft Reset, Only clears the user program

Hard Reset

With setting pins pull up and down like the following table at the startup, the WiCard will reset to the factory defaults:

PINPortBit4.7KOhm Pull Up4.7KOhm Pull Down
A01VCC 3.3v
B15VCC 3.3v


Soft Reset, Factory Defaults

If the WiCard has no program, or the user program has been compiled in “debug”, in WiCard access point “” will reset the module. Also if the user program has been compiled in release mode, the address must be “”.


Soft Reset, Reset User Program

If you compile the program in “Debug”, in WiCard access point “” will clear the user program. Also if you compile the program in “Release” mode, the address must be “”.


To downloading the plans, schematics and firmware, please refer to: https://trial.wicard.net

Also to finding out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and blog.


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