WiCard Registration (+Tutorial Video)

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

WiCard Registration (+Tutorial Video)

wicard registration

The Registration Code And Registration of WiCard Free Trial Firmware

The WiCard free trial firmware has the ability of to be registered by a RegistrationCode. You can insert your registration code in the information section of the internal page.

It doesn’t matter that you have made your WiCard on a breadboard, or you have bought it, you can register any kind of WiCard WiFi module.

When you click on the register button, first it check the code if the code is valid or not, then starts the upgrading.

A Registered WiCar WiFi module:

1- Has an account on WiCrd.Net Panel.

2- Also has a control box in its panel.

3- Uploads the program via its panel automatically (No need to export the file…).

4- Updates its firmware automatically.

5- Saving the user program in the panel.

6- Adding multiple WiCard WiFi modules in a panel

7- Of course our support.

8- And many many features which we will add in the future.


Tutorial Video

This video shows you how to buy a registration code for your module and how to register it:

You can use a registration code only once, so please keep your code private.

When the module is downloading and installing the new firmware, do not unplug the power source.

The “Net LED” turns off when the module is downloading the updates and checking the registration code.

  • Note: if the download started but you get an error, it might be because of the installation. During the installation, WiCard disables all of the WiFi connections. So it’s natural to getting an error at the end of the installation. Just reload the page and check the account status of information section. Also if your module SSID starts with “WIC1”, that means your module has been registered.


To downloading the plans, schematics and firmware, please refer to: https://trial.wicard.net

Also to finding out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and blog.


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