The Benefits Of Using WiCard

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

The Benefits Of Using WiCard

benefits of wicard wifi module

In this article I am going to write about the benefits of using WiCard. Also I am going to compare WiCard programmable WiFi controller module with the other programmable WiFi controller modules.

The benefits of a single board with an onboard MIFA antenna

WiCard is using an onboard MIFA antenna on a single board. This design makes the WiFi signals stronger. Because to reducing the noises, at least 1 cm of the top and bottom of the MIFA antenna must be empty space.

For example at the bottom of the antenna of an ESP32 which is mounted on an arduino board (arduino-esp32), there’s no empty space. This design makes the signal noisy and weaker.

One PCB and One unit, Smaller, lighter and cheaper

WiCard is using only one PCB and one unit with two cores. The main core (master) is the faster core. The second core helps to the main core to controlling the PCIs, so the main core focuses on the calculations and processes.

WiCard has a tiny PCB with a few parts. furthermore the WiCard is lighter and cheaper.

Low power consumption

WiCard only uses a 3.3v power source and there’s no voltage regulator on its board. Both of the cores are compatible with 3.3v and both are low power consumption.

Benefits of the on board “IDE”

In the new update of the firmware, we have added a new feature which lets the user to use IDE of the WiCars’s internal page.

So to programming WiCard, there’s no need to download and install any kind of software and drivers. Also there’s no need to internet connection. Simply you can add “/IDE/” at the end of the module’s IP and make your control box with your PC or phone and compile it.

To finding out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and ´╗┐blog.


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