How Do I Know My WiCard Is Secure

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

How Do I Know My WiCard Is Secure

securing wicard wifi module

To securing user accounts on our servers, we use SSL protocols which are more secure. That means our website address starts with “https” instead “http”. We are committed to protecting our customer’s privacy.

Here are some tips to securing your WiCard programmable WiFi controller module.

Your WiFi router password

To securing the connections, the first thing that you must consider is choosing a secure password for the WiFi access point of your router. WiCard WiFi module is compatible with both of WPA and WPA2 securities type which are more secure.

Also WiCard is able to connect to the hidden access points (hotspot).

WiCard module’s WiFi access point

Always try to use a strong password for your WiCard. In the WPA2-AES security, password must be at least 8 characters. A strong password contains numbers and letters. WPA2 password is case sensitive.

WiF router and Port Forwarding access

In the settings section of the internal page of your WiCard, you can enable the router and port forwarding access. By enabling this feature, anyone who is connected to your WiFi router can access to the WiCard with its IP address on the router.

For example if your WiCard module IP in your router is, everyone who is connected to your WiFi router, can access to the WiCard control box with that IP.

Also if you enable port forwarding of your router on the WiCard’s IP (and port 80), anyone from anywhere can have access on your WiCard.

To protecting the port forwarding (and also router) connections to the module, we have add a feature which let the user to choose a password for the connections. The password is the module’s WiFi access point password. You must add the password at the end of the WiCard’s IP address and the module skips the other links. For example if you choose 12345678 as its password, the correct link will be: “”

Compile modes (debug/release)

You can compile your control box in both of debug and release modes. In debug mode user is able to re-program the module from anywhere anytime. But in release mode, to re-programming the WiCard, you must reset the module.

During compiling the module in release mode, the compiler asks user for choosing a “release password”. Furthermore the only way of resetting the module is adding the password at the end of the reset link. For example if you choose 987654321 as the module release password, the link will be like this:

To finding out another stuff about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our home page and blog.


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