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WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

Buy Registration Code

With the following form, you can buy a registration code for your trial WiCard module. It doesn’t matter that you have bought your module, or you’ve made it yourself. All of the trial firmware can be registered with the following form. If you don’t know how to register your WiCard module, please refer to this tutorial: WiCard Registration (+Tutorial Video).

Also if you’d like to use and test a WiCard before buying the registration code, you can download the plans, schematics and the free trial firmware from our trial subdomain.

Currently the price of a registration code is $18 for one year. Also if we decrease the price in the future, we will extend the expiration time of the older accounts automatically.

The registered WiCard WiFi module can:

1- Has an account on WiCrd.Net Panel.

2- Also has a control box in its panel.

3- Uploads the program via its panel automatically (No need to export the file…).

4- Updates its firmware automatically.

5- Saving the user program in the panel.

6- Adding multiple WiCard WiFi modules in a panel

7- Of course our support.

8- And many many features which we will add in the future.

Registration Form

So if you are going to buy the registration code, please visit the Terms of Use  and the Payment Policy before payment.

In addition, the registration code works only once. So keep your code private.

Also to getting “The PayPal Transaction ID”, use this link: Pay The Price Of A “WiCard Registration Code” ($18)

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